Tianzhushan National Forest Park is located in Shanyang County, Southeast of Shaanxi Province, at the south foot of Qinling Mountains, 160 kilometers away from Xi'an and 130 kilometers away from Shiyan. The park covers a total area of 50.8 square kilometers, with the main peak of 2073.98 meters above sea level. The forest coverage rate is over 88%, and the average content of negative oxygen ions is 18000 / cm3. In the territory, there are many mountains and peaks. The mountain is steep and beautiful. There are not only the precipitous Huashan Mountain, but also the beautiful Huangshan Mountain. It is also known as "Qinling wonder". Its natural landscapes, such as mountain danger, peak show, local characteristics and forest, are fascinating to be washed by abundant rain, with great climate differences; sunrise, sea of clouds, rime and other phenological landscapes are amazing; religious culture has a long history, and is known as China's top ten most potential tourism mountains, national fitness outdoor sports base, and world-renowned Chinese cultural tourism. It is an ideal place for you to go camping, stay cool in the summer, and have a health holiday!

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